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Happy Fig Newton Day!

Here are today’s five food finds about fig newtons:

1.  Fig Newtons were created in 1851.


2. They were almost called “Fig Shrewsbury” before the name “Fig Newton” caught on.


3. According to Nabisco, Fig Newtons were either named after Sir Isaac Newton or the town of Newton, Massachusetts.


4. Fig Newtons are the 3rd most popular cookie in the United States.


5. An alternate origin story for fig newtons involves Charles Roser from Kenton, Ohio who sold his cookie recipe to Nabisco in 1910.


On This Day in Food History…

1868 William Davis, received a patent for a refrigerated railway car. First used to ship fish. Later ushering in the age of portable cold produced & foods.

1920 Prohibition began in the U.S., banning the sale of all alcoholic beverages. Allowances were made to produce wine for “religious purposes.”

1965  Searchers’ “Love Potion #9” peaks at #3

1958 A grasshopper plague causes serious damage across the state of Colorado & neighboring states. This “plagued” farmer’s crops; costing millions of dollars in damage.

some content is courtesy of FoodReference.com, used with permission.

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