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The official 2020 ‘Food Holiday’ list

Posted on February 26, 2019

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January 31st is National Hot Chocolate Day! / #HotChocolateDay

Posted on January 31, 2019

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Here are today’s five things to know about hot chocolate:

What’s the difference between Hot Chocolate and Hot Cocoa? Hot Chcolate uses milk or milk chocolate while hot cocoa uses only powdered cocoa.


The first hot chocolate was Mayan, and it was served with chili peppers!


In Spain, hot chocolate with churros is considered a working man’s breakfast.


Hot chocolate has antioxidants and flavonols, very healthy nutrients.  Just skip the sugar.


Chocolate is the 3rd most traded commodity in the world. 1st is oils, 2nd is coffee.


Today’s Food History

  • 1893 The Coca-Cola trademark was recorded.
  • 1930 Scotch tape was developed by Richard Drew of the 3M Company.
  • 1980 Due to record high sugar prices, Coca Cola begins substituting high fructose corn syrup for half of the sucrose (sugar) used in Coca Cola.
  • 1990 The first McDonald’s restaurant in Moscow, Russia opens.
  • 2001 Germany announced plans to destroy 400k cattle due to the mad cow crises. We know it now as Mad Cow Disease

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January 30th is National Croissant Day / #NationalCroissantDay

Posted on January 30, 2019

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Here are today’s five things to know about the croissant:

Each croissant rolls are made of 50 or more thin layers of pastry & butter.



According to legend, it was Marie Antoinette (Austrian Princess who married Louis XVI), introduced the croissant to France.



The French newspaper Le Figaro named the croissant from bakery Pierre Hermé the best in Paris in 2013. It also won in 2006.



Since Starbucks bought French baker Pascal Rigo’s San Francisco-based La Boulange, the chocolate croissant has become the coffee chain’s bestselling pastry.



In 2013, chef Dominque Ansel came up with the cronut — a deep-fried croissant/doughnut combination that became all the rage at his New York bakery.



Today’s Food History

  • 1649 Charles I, king of England, Scotland and Ireland Died. Ice cream is said to have come from France when he married Henrietta Maria, daughter of Henri IV, and sister of Louis XIII.
  • 1868 Charles Darwin’s ‘Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication.’ was published.
  • 1969 The Beatles perform for the last time in public, on the roof of Apple Studios.
  • 2009 RIP Restaurateur Milton; age of 90. Owner of New York’s famous Carnegie Deli from 1976 until his retirement in 2002.


January 29th is National Corn Chip Day!

Posted on January 29, 2019

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Corn Chip:

The “original” corn chip is the Fritos Corn Chip, first sold in the 1930’s.


Frito Chili Pie” was invented in the 1960’s by Teresa Hernández, a cook at Woolworth’s lunch counter in Santa Fe.


A corn chip is a snack food made from cornmeal fried in oil or baked, usually in the shape of a small noodle or scoop.


Charles Elmer Doolin bought the patent for “Fritos” from a Mexican man for $100.


In some areas, it is popular to pour the chili into a bag of corn chips and eat the mixture directly from the bag.


Famous Last Words: “I just wish I had time for one more bowl of chili.”~Kit Carson(American frontiersman)

Today’s Food History

  • 1878 The 1st patent for a glass milk container was issued to George Lester.
  • 1924 Carl R. Taylor  patented the 1st ice cream cone rolling machine.
  • 1978 Sweden banned aerosol cans. (Think Redi-Whip or Cheez-Whiz)

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January 28th is National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Posted on January 28, 2019

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Pancake:

The first ready-mix food to be sold commercially was Aunt Jemima pancake flour introduced in 1889.


Maine produces 99% of all the wild blueberries in the United States of which 90% are frozen.


The world’s largest pancake breakfast was held in Springfield, America in 2012.


It is widely believed that the tradition of pancake races began in 1445 in Olney in Buckinghamshire when a woman was making pancakes but lost track of time.


The highest ever flip was performed by Dominic Cuzzacrea. The pancake reached a height of 9.47 metres at the Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga, New York, USA, in November 2010.



Daily Quote: “The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.”~W. C. Fields

Today’s Food History

  • 1807 London’s Pall Mall becomes the first street to be lighted with Gas Fixtures
  • 1855 The first locomotive runs from the Atlantic to the Pacific on the Panama Railway. Establishing the first trans-continental dining cars.
  • 1917 San Francisco opens it’s streetcar system. Considered a “San Francisco treat”

Let’s Eat Cake! January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day! #NationalChocolateCakeDay

Posted on January 27, 2019

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Here are today’s five things to know about Chocolate:

The first French word for chocolate mousse translates in English to“chocolate mayonnaise”.


The “blood” that you see in the infamous “shower scene” in Psycho is actually chocolate syrup.


The history of chocolate cake goes back to 1764, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones.


A process for making silkier and smoother chocolate called conching was developed in 1879 by Swiss Rodolphe and made it easier to bake with chocolate as it amalgamates smoothly and completely with cake batters.


In the U.S.A, “chocolate decadence” cakes were popular in the 1980s; in the 1990s, single-serving molten chocolate cakes with liquid chocolate centers and infused chocolates with exotic flavors such as tea, curry, red pepper, passion fruit, and champagne were popular.


Today’s Quote: “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”~Charles M. Schulz

Today’s Food History

  • 1521 The Diet of Worms begins; an assembly of the Holy Roman Empire where Martin Luther made his famous appearance.
  • 1851  RIP John James Audubon: Ornithologist, naturalist & artist, known for his paintings & prints of North American birds.
  • 1910 RIP Thomas Crapper: Said to have invented the flush toilet. Many believe he simply “improved” the device invented by others.
  • 1984 Michael Jackson’s hair catches fire while filming a Pepsi commercial.

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January 26th is National Peanut Brittle Day!

Posted on January 26, 2019

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Here are today’s five thing to know about Peanut Brittle:

“Brittle” is a type of confection consisting of flat, broken pieces of hard sugar candy.


 Peanut brittle made with corn syrups & nuts began appearing in cookbooks around the 19th century.


Because we find peanut brittle recipes most commonly in American cookbooks, it is generally recognized as an American recipe.


The history of peanut brittle is tied to Tony Beaver, a lumberjack folk hero. In the story, Tony Beaver creates peanut brittle when he stops a flood using peanuts and molasses.


According to the history of peanut brittle candy, brittle was probably the first candy ever made.


Today’s Food History

  • 1838 The first state temperance law was passed in Tennessee.
  • 1875 The first battery-powered dentist’s drill was patented by George F Green of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  • 1932  RIP William Wrigley, Jr. He started  Juicy Fruit chewing gum in 1893, & later Wrigley’s Spearmint. Wrigley’s boson became the largest chewing gum manufacturer in the world.
  • 2007 RIP  Sharon Tyler Herbst  Author of ‘ The Food Lover’s Companion,’ ‘The Joy of Cookies,’ & many more food related books.


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