National Cake Pop Day

Also: African Heritage & Health Week

Five Food Finds about Cake Pops

  • A cake pop is cake, baked in an appealing shape, hand dipped in frosting, and decorated to taste, all on a stick to be eaten as candy.
  • While there is no recorded date for the creation of cake pops. Most people say that Bakerella, a popular baking blog, helped make then a “pop” phenomenon. See Pinterest below
  • In 2011, cake pops were considered the newest and most popular confectionery food trends
  • Other variations of cake pops are cake balls, cakesicles, cupcake pops, and cake-on-a-stick.
  • Cake pops in recent years have become ubiquitous to Starbucks coffee shops.
* Bakerella celebrates National Cake Pop Day on Feb 1

Foodimentary’s cake pops pics.

Our pinterest cake pops pictures.

On This Day in Food History…

It’s Foodimentary my dear!

  • 1856 Auburn University is chartered as the East Alabama Male College, a primarily agricultural college.
  • 1867 Bricklayers first started working 8-hour days
  • 1884 The first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary is publish(including 23 recipes & cooking tips)
  • 1913 New York City’s Grand Central Terminal opens. The world’s largest train station including several restaurants & food stalls.
  • 1960 Four students stage the first civil rights “sit-in” at the lunch counter of the Greensboro, NC, Woolworth