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Know Your Pie

Posted on April 13, 2012

Pie is an extremely diverse dish.  There are thousands of varieties worldwide that are sweet, savory, salty, or any flavor you might imagine.  What makes a dish qualify as a pie is simply having a filling wrapped with dough (usually pastry).  The difference between pie and cobbler is that a cobbler only has dough (usually biscuit) on top. Twenty-Five Pie Finds Mince Meat Pie Chicken Pot Pie Strawberry Pie Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Blueberry Pie Blackberry Pie Cherry Pie Apple Pie Peach Pie Apricot Pie Pear Pie Shepherd’s Pie Coconut Cream Pie Banana Cream Pie Pumpkin Pie Vanilla Cream Pie Chocolate Cream Pie Apple-Sour Cream-Raisin Pie Boysenberry Pie Turtle Pie Pecan Pie Crab Apple-Currant Pie Pudding Pie Cheeseburger Pie Raspberry Pie  


Posted on April 13, 2010

Cobbler is a traditional dish in both the United States and the United Kingdom, although the meaning of the term is quite different in each country. In the United States, it is usually a dessert consisting of a fruit filling poured into a large baking dish over a batter that rises through when baking. The batter forms as a dumpling within the cobbler as well as a crust for the top. In the United Kingdom it is usually a savoury meat dish, typically a lamb casserole, which is covered with a savoury scone-like topping—each scone (or biscuit) forming a separable cobbler. Fruit-based versions are also increasingly popular in the United Kingdom—although they still retain the separate cobbler (or biscuit) topping of the meat version—and…