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Here are today’s five food things to know about the oatmeal muffin:
  1. American ‘Muffins’ are referred to baked breads in small tins while “English” Muffins are oven-baked, then cooked in a griddle
  2. The word “muffin” likely derives its name from the an Old German word “muffen,” the plural of “muffe” meaning a small cake.
  3. Four US states have adopted a state muffin: Massachusetts – corn, Minnesota – blueberry, New York – apple, Washington – blueberry.
  4. An 18-ounce package of Old Fashioned Quaker® Oats contains about 26,000 rolled oats.
  5. Seventy-five percent of U.S. households have oatmeal in their cupboard.

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1732 First issue of ‘Poor Richard’s Almanac’ was published.

1809 Pierre Joseph van Beneden was born. A Belgian parasitologist, he discovered the life cycle of tapeworms.

1863 Frederick Walton of London patented Linoleum. The standard kitchen flooring.

1871 Albert L. Jones patented corrugated paper which could be used to make boxes.

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