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 National Indian Pudding Day

Five Food Finds about Indian Pudding

  • It is interesting to note that the name Indian pudding does not refer to the natives but in fact is used to identify the main ingredient which is cornmeal and was earlier called Indian meal.
  • The Native Indian pudding is a combination of cornmeal and molasses and is often mixed with fruits like Apple and raisins before being baked. This day may not be a national holiday and you really don’t need to wait till the national pudding day to actually enjoy the sweet.
  •  Native American Indians were a very important part of the first Thanksgiving feast ever celebrated in the Americas.
  •  Since this tradition has been upheld from decades past it is interesting to see it approach before Thanksgiving.
  • The national Indian pudding Day is utilized to enjoy the savory and sweet puddings which are part of the Native American Indian cuisine.

Today’s Food History

on this day in…

1710 Charles-Somon Favart was born in Paris, France. A French playwright and pastry cook.
1805 Supposedly, Johann George Lehner of Vienna, created the frankfurter.
1895 The first shipment of canned pineapple left Hawaii.
1927 The Holland Tunnel opened – the first Hudson River automobile tunnel from New York City to New Jersey.
1930 The Rotolactor was developed by the Walker-Gordon Dairy. It was a 50 stall revolving milking platform that could mechanically milk over 1,500 cows in seven hours